Desire, How I Missed Thee…

Things to Remember:
There is virtue in all that you do. EVERYTHING has purpose. Time is a wheel, not a line. You are the Gatekeeper. Unicorns and Fairies DO EXIST. Heaven is actually NeverNeverLand. We are one. Sparkles, onesies, and body paint are always an option. Do what you want. Harm none. LOVE PREVAILS ALL.


A New Year, A New Me: Time Heals All

2015 passed by me in a blur. It felt like slow motion on crack. Like the people around me were busy little bees buzzing and making and creating and I was trapped behind some weird hazy glass, in another, much slower, unproductive dimension all together. I was searching endlessly for the answers to life’s questions. Who am I really, what is my purpose, what do I do now, how do I heal from abuse, etc, etc.  2015 was a year of hibernating, healing, self work and a ton of tears.

2016 will be different, however. This year will be filled with laughter, transformation, self love, and self fulfillment. The year to love and grow and prosper. The year to be authentically and gracefully ME. The year of the thinker, the artist, the writer, the dreamer. It is MY year to take on by the horns. And I make it my New Year’s resolution to do all of these things no matter what obstacles face me in the future. I will have no fear of the unknown, because the unknown equals adventure and change. I will now live as the Warrior Goddess that I am! This year will be EPIC! And so it is….

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