Who is Cloudmonster?

Tamberine Cloudmonster is a precious gift to this world just as each and every one of us are. A spark of light in the dark. A dreamer. Lover. Artist. Healer. Philosopher. Writer.

Tamberine began writing in her pink kitty love diary that her mother bought her at the book fair at school in third grade. The book fair was one of her favorite events that the school put on each year, only second to gymnastics week. She was faced with a hard decision to choose between spending the money her mom gave her for books on a readable literary piece or a bunch of blank pages, bound, covered, and printed with a kitten, inside of a heart shape and labeled Diary. It was even adorned with a lock and key. It was perfect. Fortunately, she chose the diary, as well as a few books, and began her writing career. The Diary was her new favorite “toy.”

Tamberine continued writing through high school, college, and further into her adult life; blogging, journaling, complaining, and activating. There was a short period of her life where the writing stopped. She couldn’t pick up a pen. She couldn’t make her art. She couldn’t dance or sing or act like a fool. She couldn’t figure it out. After much contemplation and many many tears, she began her major life transformation. Looking back into her earlier years, she discovered what truly made her happy and what was holding her back now. Ridding herself of these constricting things and people, she began to art and dance and write and sing and smile again!! So in turn, here is her new blog beginning with the new year and representing a new life.


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